Why creativity must be at the heart of content curation

March 6, 2024

Creative content not only sets airlines apart in a competitive market, but also fosters emotional connections between passengers and airline brands. Without it, onboard content can become predictable and mundane, leading to a less enjoyable and memorable journey for passengers.

While our extensive studio relationships and exceptional delivery processes play crucial roles in our content strategy, it is our creative mindset that brings a sense of excitement into our offerings. This forms the foundation for why airlines choose Anuvu as their primary content service provider.

Here’s how creative content can produce an exceptional experience that builds long-term passenger loyalty. 

Creativity makes IFE less predictable

Passenger interests are constantly evolving, making it difficult for airlines to deliver only traditional content. Fresh, innovative, and relevant content captures attention and establishes a distinctive onboard experience which is especially important for frequent fliers.

Creativity is an outcome of a deep understanding of brand identity paired with a willingness to experiment and try new things. It’s not just limited to content type, but also how relevant the content is to passengers as shown in our recent blog on the importance of regional expertise in curation. This approach allows airlines to express their values uniquely by turning the content into a tangible representation that connects with passengers who align with such principles.

Creativity makes IFE more memorable

By identifying the gaps within inflight entertainment, airlines can explore unique and diverse offerings that passengers cannot find elsewhere, creating a more memorable journey.

To help identify these content gaps and stay up to date with global trends, our distribution arm attends various content markets and film festivals across the world to discover upcoming titles to introduce to the airline industry.

An example is our acquisition of the film Triangle of Sadness at the prestigious 2022 Cannes Film Festival. This cinematic gem not only captivated audiences but also secured three Academy Award nominations and two Golden Globe nominations, showcasing our commitment to delivering award-worthy content to our passengers.

Creativity helps build excitement

Creativity plays an essential role in how airlines package and promote their content. An imaginative presentation is more likely to engage and excite passengers, resulting in increased viewership.

Through informed editorial commentary, on-board showreels and original product marketing assets, all produced in-house by our creative experts, we provide customized promotion opportunities to our airline customers. 

One example is the multiple promotional sizzles our Asia-Pacific distribution arm created to boost awareness of Cathay Pacific’s new and popular content onboard. The team conducted exclusive in-person interviews with key talent from their content offerings such as Louis Koo, Johnnie To, and Soi Cheang. These interviews dived into their cinematic journeys, favorite travel destinations, recommendations for dining in Hong Kong, and preferred onboard content on Cathay Pacific.

Let us help you cultivate your creativity

We're prepared to assist you in delivering creative content that aims to engage, surprise and delight your passengers, while embodying the essence of your brand.

Our commitment to elevating the inflight entertainment experience continues to go beyond the flight, extending to creating enduring connections that will transform into an unforgettable journey.

For more information on Anuvu’s creative content curation capabilities, please contact us at entertain@anuvu.com.