Why Regional Expertise is the Secret Ingredient for Content Curation

January 24, 2024

Recently, Anuvu secured three major new inflight entertainment clients including Etihad, China Airlines as well as another leading airline in China. These new contracts not only signify our commitment to providing top-notch video, audio, and gaming content but also acknowledge a critical element in our Future of IFEC strategy: regional expertise.

Beyond traditional entertainment, airlines seek an inflight experience that aligns with passengers' cultural backgrounds while staying true to their brand. Anuvu's content experts lead this movement by skillfully identifying three crucial elements that funnel regional expertise into our content curation strategy: local experts, tailored solutions, and data-driven decision-making.

Here, we unveil how these elements ensure our content resonates with diverse audiences, while fostering a truly immersive and culturally relevant inflight entertainment experience for our airline customers’ passengers.

1. Local experts

Fostering true cultural understanding is challenging when done from a distance. At Anuvu, we prioritize closeness, emphasizing physical proximity to our customers. This commitment is reflected in our strategy to build extensive teams in global offices, such as those in Hong Kong with a team of over 20 people, Singapore with a team of over 10 people, Dubai with a team of nearly 50 people, and many other representatives around the world. Utilizing inhabitants and natives ensures a deep understanding of local cultures.

A recent success story validating our approach is the welcomed return of Etihad as our customer. This accomplishment can be attributed to the establishment of our substantial dedicated team based in the United Arab Emirates.

This is also the case with China Airlines, which is another returning customer that followed renewals with Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. These instances underscore the significance of our grasp of the Asia Pacific market and affirms our position as the leading provider of Asian content through our local distribution arm.

2. Tailored solutions

Local insight is also crucial in understanding the objectives of our airline clients in specific markets. This knowledge empowers our regional experts to craft memorable initiatives tailored to the airline's brand and the interests of their passengers.

For instance, Anuvu's ability to deliver personalized solutions to Etihad was enhanced by our local team's deep understanding of the airline's interests and positioning. Recognizing Etihad's sponsorship of Formula 1 and the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, our team seized the opportunity to strengthen this brand partnership. We provided exclusive F1 content to Etihad's passengers, to coincide with the Abu Dhabi event, creating excitement for fans and allowing all guests to enjoy the thrill of F1.

3. Data-driven decisions

Successfully identifying content that meets passenger’s preferences also relies on equipping teams with optimal data solutions. Through an understanding of cultural nuances and interests, coupled with rigorous testing and validation using robust data, we can make data-driven content decisions.

Our partnership with Parrot Analytics, a leader in global entertainment analytics, exemplifies why data is a critical element to regional expertise. Their insights empower our teams to enhance the reliability of our content selections by cross-referencing them with historical viewership patterns specific to each airline’s region, alongside broader industry data. Utilizing over two billion data points, including social media metrics, box office reviews, and trailer viewership, we gain a highly accurate understanding of passenger’s tastes in entertainment, and how they differ from region to region across the globe.

The chart below shows a global heatmap of available Hollywood titles for April. Using color, the data shows this collection of titles are predicted to have good to outstanding levels of popularity within the United States and Canada however in countries like Norway and China, their popularity may only be average.

For airlines looking to cater to specific countries or regions, we would adjust the collection of available titles that are predicted to perform well in their desired areas within their budget to ensure the best possible passenger experience.

This data-driven approach ensures that our content decisions are not limited to insights based solely on content already onboard or worse, personal bias, leading to more efficient spending decisions and optimal use of server space.

Building long-term loyalty through local expertise

Looking forward, Anuvu remains committed to proximity and understanding, tailored solutions, and data-driven decisions to ensure inflight entertainment experiences that go beyond geographical boundaries.

Local insight will always prove crucial to delivering successful results through the power of providing the right content to the right audience, reflecting passenger preferences and cultural nuances while remaining on brand.

The combination of regional expertise with creative content and advanced technology produces a transformative fusion; enhancing the passenger experience and fostering loyalty through unparalleled inflight entertainment.

For more information on Anuvu’s content curation capabilities, please contact us at entertainment@anuvu.com.