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Our mission is to connect and entertain the world’s passengers, reaching any aircraft and any vessel. Because when the world travels, why should the things that matter stop?

Company Profile

Our team of global experts provide connectivity and content to demanding mobility markets. Through long-standing customer relationships, we’ve built a proven track record for meeting our clients’ needs, even when the world changes.

We take pride in maximizing performance today while optimizing for tomorrow, providing the aviation and maritime industries with reliable, scalable, and affordable solutions that meet the ever-changing technology need of their passengers and guests.

Anuvu. Let Innovation Move You.

1000 Employees globally
6 Continents with Anuvu offices

David Aloise

Executive Chairman

Scott Bynum


Aldo Silva


Adam Searles


Garrick Stannard


Scott Vogel



We are dedicated to providing exceptional quality of service for our clients, and outstanding workplace safety and productivity for our employees.

Our core values

Our core values

Developed from the very core of who we are, these values are a declaration of what we believe in, what we stand for, and why we’re the only ones that can do what we do.


We build enhanced brand experiences through an integrated offering of connectivity, content, expertise and technology.


Our open, flexible and scalable solutions meet our customers where they are today and where the world is going tomorrow.


Dedicated teams work with you to develop, implement, and support best in class solutions that work for your global business.



Be part of the movement

A career with Anuvu is a unique opportunity to make it easy for travelers to stay connected to the things they love. Join a culture that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and advancements in technology.