We bring a world of consistency, performance and affordability to aviation clients, creating the most optimized, capable and reliable high-speed streaming and seamless connection experiences.

We are a true connectivity integrator, balancing the right technology and services to create the most suitable product for our customers. Our diversity of service means we can select and combine our products to provide customers with a distinctive traveler experience.

Our connectivity services deliver:

  • Proven and efficient antenna systems for airliners
  • Global network coverage with high throughput across continents and oceans
  • The most advanced hybrid network architecture with intelligent SD-WAN capabilities
  • 24/7 global support and industry-leading reliability
167M Connected passengers
10TB Of content distributed to customers
80M Airtime portal users across 47 different viewing platform
1.3M Connected flights in 2018 for the US's largest domestic carrier
60Mbps Connection speeds

Our hybrid satellite network combines our own satellites with capacity on over 50 third-party satellites, providing scalable capacity, reliability and redundancy, and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

As the industry pioneer in regional Inflight Connectivity and gigabit-class cruise ship connectivity, Anuvu has continuously invested in new technologies to keep pace with end-user expectations. We recognize the importance of reliable, fast, global connectivity for our customers around the world. Our hybrid network, consisting of high-throughput geostationary satellites and 4G/5G mobile connectivity, builds on the industry’s first and most capable SD-WAN platform optimized for aviation and maritime applications.


96% Anuvu's world satellite coverage
1000+ Aircraft connected - the largest domestic single-aisle fleet in the world

Our satellite coverage map

We partner with the world’s leading satellite providers to bring fully customized solutions that deliver maximum return on investment for our customers.


Next Generation Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network


Global partnership for Ku satellite capacity


Maritime and aviation partnership Ku HTS capacity on Epic network


Ground services and licensing


Small comms MicroGEO spacecraft

Our NOC continuously monitors and manages our flying connectivity systems, by fleet, aircraft and seat, worldwide. Our intelligent analytics and software-defined network systems provide real-time data updates, ensuring consistency of service and transparency of usage, to maintain high performance for the optimal customer satisfaction.

We monitor and manage our worldwide connectivity and content systems in real-time, every second of the day, through our state-of-the-art NOCs.

Through our NOCs we’re able to offer end-to-end network management and provide a wide range of services including:

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  • Real-time aircraft monitoring and tracking
  • Satellite-enabled software and content updates loaded directly to aircraft
  • Support for global inventory and supply chain management
  • Maintenance and operations support for airline personnel
  • Customer support
  • Remote troubleshooting

Our tablet-based, aircraft-dedicated Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) systems navAERO increases operational efficiency and improves problem solving effectively at over 60 airlines worldwide.

The navAero Universal Aircraft Interface Device (UAID) augments our EFB system to support computationally heavy operations, enable data mobility on microSD cards, and facilitate data forwarding to the EFB.

17% Interface between cockpit, avionics & in-flight connectivity
60+ Airlines using tablet-based EFB


We provide a consistently diverse and audience-sensitive library of movies, TV shows and audio content so there’s always something to occupy and entertain our clients’ customers.


Our expertise

We harness the most advanced technologies to give billions of people around the world access to our comprehensive range of content, e-commerce and information services.