Named the "world's best inflight connectivity" for three years in a row by APEX, our products are designed so airlines can provide the best possible on-board experience for their passengers.

With over 1,100 aircraft installed to date, our inflight connectivity platform focuses on high-speed throughput, connected entertainment and deep integration with airline systems.

Airconnect provides airline passengers with everyday connectivity capabilities. Our satellite services offer passengers a seamless WiFi connection on their own devices, enabling them to surf, browse, or stream during flight.

Our technology is fully customizable with a modular interface, providing airlines with the flexibility to maximize guest revenue through multiple incremental revenue streams.

Our Airconnect IFE Pro system enables airline passengers to access a custom suite of in-flight entertainment wirelessly on their personal devices.

The Airconnect IFE Pro system provides a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution that delivers content directly to all personal devices, including passenger laptops, tablets and smartphones. Digital Rights Management technology allows passengers to securely view the latest Hollywood and international content.

Crystal Cabin Award

Our award-winning Airtime Portal delivers an intuitive on-board entertainment experience, offering passengers industry-leading movies, TV series, flight information, games and destination content.

Airtime Portal is fully customizable, flexible, and responsive, enabling airlines to offer the most relevant and up-to-date content to passengers.

Apple Pay

Airconnect Go is a complete turn-key cabin entertainment solution, delivering full-featured, low-cost, wireless IFE streaming.

Combined with our award-winning Airtime Portal, Airconnect Go enables passengers to stream on-demand movies and TV shows, game online and use the flight-tracker directly on their own portable devices.

The system is neatly compact to fit into the overhead locker of most commercial aircraft and streams for 15 hours of continual playback.

Anuvu offers three core applications enabling passengers to shop for duty free items; order meals and beverages; and dive into their favorite magazine and newspaper directly from their seatback monitors.

Digital magazine and newspaper services provide a blended experience across passenger profiles, while offering additional revenue and cost-saving opportunities.