We bring the fullest range of services to our clients, ranging from technical support to research and consultancy, all to help them meet the expectations of their customers and the changing needs of their market.

We understand passenger requirements and behaviors and use live data streams to identify and promote appropriate, quality content and connectivity services straight to the seatback screen or individual device.

Airline travelers represent an attractive audience for advertising and sponsorship, and our dedicated team works with agencies to deliver over complex and varied end-user platforms to realize these revenue opportunities.

Our team of data scientists has a proven background in capturing, analyzing and evaluating vast and complex daily Petabytes worth of information.

As the level of real-time data exponentially grows, so does the importance of understanding and filtering the information for intelligent decision making.

For day-of decision making, as well as predictive analytics, masFlight collects gigabytes of operational data each day to support global airline operations:

400+ Global airlines data pre-stocked

We partner with the world’s leading airlines to create innovative advertising opportunities, reaching millions of affluent and influential consumers throughout the travel journey. 

Utilizing data-driven insights across our In-Flight Wi-Fi, In-Flight Entertainment and Airport Lounge platforms, our unique branding and experiential touchpoints maximize efficiency and engagement for each campaign.  Anuvu’s media sales and operations specialists ensure flawless campaign execution from start to finish.

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20M Premium travelers reached every month
10 International airline partners
1,000+ Aircraft advertising channels
50+ Airport Targeted Premium Lounges

Our qualified in-house creative directors, editors and producers create tailored promotional material to celebrate and amplify curated content selections, so that passengers can easily discover, be informed, and explore from a vast universe of programming choice.

Providing informed editorial commentary, generates selection validation and content halo effect, for increased passenger satisfaction.

  • New on-board showreels
  • Themed creative promotions
  • Multi-channel formatting and output
  • Original product marketing productions
  • Pre-roll interstitials
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Our Expertise

We develop software and network analytics that support the exchange of operational data and qualitatively increase productivity.