Anuvu Announces New Partnerships with TheSoul Publishing, Mindvalley and WaterBear

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The exclusive partnerships for personal transformation, wellness, and environmental sustainability content further enhance Anuvu's extensive library of brands

LOS ANGELES, March 22, 2023Anuvu, the leading provider of high-speed connectivity and entertainment for demanding worldwide mobility markets, today announced it has entered into strategic exclusive partnerships with three companies—TheSoul Publishing, Mindvalley, and WaterBear — to offer aviation and maritime customers new educational, wellness and sustainability content.

Anuvu aims to fulfill customers’ content demands by diversifying its entertainment library beyond traditional Hollywood-centric content. These agreements also enable Anuvu to bring this large variety of new short-form media content to non-theatrical markets beginning in May 2023.

  • TheSoul Publishing is the world’s leading digital studio that creates engaging, positive, and original content distributed to a global audience across the major social media and streaming platforms.
  • Mindvalley is the world’s leading personal transformation brand featuring cutting-edge programs called “quests” led by renowned experts, authors, and speakers. Mindvalley reaches more than 195 countries and has a collective community of 20 million fans.
  • WaterBear is a streaming platform showcasing content encouraging viewers to learn more and act on climate change, biodiversity, and sustainability.

"We are proud to partner with TheSoul Publishing, Mindvalley, and WaterBear to bring creative content focused on mindfulness and sustainability to our clients and their guests," said Simon Cuthbert, Anuvu VP Content Licensing and Distribution. “Regardless of where they are, travelers are seeking entertainment options beyond traditional movies and TV, and the informative, unique content that these companies provide directly aligns with our brand mission. Anuvu is excited to continue leading the industry in connecting passengers with innovative and distinctive entertainment.”

The new partnerships demonstrate Anuvu’s commitment to strengthening its portfolio across six core pillars of content: entertainment, learning, wellness/environment, gaming, kids, and sports. The partnerships with TheSoul Publishing, Mindvalley, and Waterbear align with and expand upon Anuvu’s prior agreements in these areas with Moonbug Entertainment, Skillshare and Complex Networks.

Customers interested in adding TheSoul Publishing, Mindvalley, and WaterBear to their content lineup can contact Anuvu to learn more. For additional information, visit 

About Anuvu      
Anuvu’s team of global experts effortlessly manage connectivity and content requirements for demanding mobility markets including airlines, cruise lines, and mission-critical maritime, energy and government applications. Through long-standing customer relationships, we have a proven track record for meeting our customers’ needs, even as the world changes. Anuvu’s flexible and agile approach enables us to adopt the newest technology to optimize our clients’ experience and we take pride in maximizing the performance of today, while optimizing for tomorrow. Our goal is to provide our clients with reliable, scalable, and affordable solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of their passengers and guests. Through our intelligent leadership and innovation, Anuvu defines next-generation passenger experiences through integrated solutions tailored to our customers’ brands and service objectives. Anuvu. Let Innovation Move You.  

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About TheSoul Publishing
TheSoul Publishing is the award-winning studio that produces entertaining, positive and original content for a global audience distributed across the major social media and streaming platforms. Reaching more than 1.5 billion social media followers, its global creative team, located in 70 countries and six continents, consistently delivers engaging, cross-platform content for all ages in 20 different languages. 

TheSoul’s brands include the No. 1 DIY digital brand in the world, 5-Minute Crafts®, Bright Side, 123 GO!, Avocado Couple, La La Life, Teen-Z, Baby Zoo, Slick Slime Sam and Polar. TheSoul Publishing has garnered numerous accolades including top honors and nominations from the Webby, Shorty, Telly, Viddy, Streamy, Stevie and Lovie awards. The company was named ‘Digital Studio of the Year’ at Digiday’s Video & TV Awards and, most recently, was nominated for ‘Digital Team of the Year’ at The Drum’s Digital Industry Awards.

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About Mindvalley
Being human is more than just what our broken education system makes it out to be. Mindvalley teaches the world the art of truly living extraordinary, fulfilling, happy lives. We spend the prime years of our lives preparing for our careers, but we spend hardly any time preparing for things that will determine the quality of our life experience and the quality of our relationships, health, mindset and wellbeing. Mindvalley teaches you the things that actually matter most in life, and we do it by bringing in the latest cutting edge techniques, the world’s best teachers, and a powerful learning platform that is the best of its kind in the world. The Mindvalley curriculum is designed to unleash the fullest potential of your mind, body, and spirit.

To learn more about Mindvalley, visit

About WaterBear
WaterBear is a ground-breaking streaming platform showcasing award-winning documentaries as well as original content - spanning biodiversity, community, climate action and sustainable fashion. WaterBear members can stream video at any time and on any device, all for free, as well as take direct instant action to support NGOs around the world and shape a better future for our fragile planet.

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