How to Become More Creative with Your Audio Content Offerings

May 20, 2024

As mentioned in our previous insights on the content trends we’ve seen throughout 2023, the landscape of inflight entertainment continues to evolve with passengers increasingly seeking diverse content options beyond conventional movies and TV. With the surge of almost 465 million podcast listeners globally in 2023, up from 275 million in 2019, it’s clear that there is a growing appeal in audio programming. In response to this trend, many of our airline clients are crafting their own distinctive and personalized audio content offerings.

This presents airlines with an opportunity to captivate their audience with exclusive audio experiences. Whether it's through exclusive interviews, immersive storytelling, or innovative soundscapes, here’s how you can take your inflight entertainment to the next level by becoming more creative with your audio content offerings.

1. Understanding brand identity as a creative guide

Brand identity forms the foundation of any creative endeavor. Rather than viewing brand guidelines as constraints, consider them as tools that provide direction and inspiration. By understanding the essence of a brand, including its history, values, and messaging, you can craft audio content that resonates deeply with both the brand and its audience.

When crafting an audio strategy for airline partners, we meticulously consider their goals, budget, and passenger demographics, delving deep into their brand essence and identity to ensure alignment with their personality and promise. Leveraging regional expertise and robust data insights, we curate content that resonates with customers and reflects brand ethos. Anuvu stands out with licensing agreements with major labels and music publishers, utilizing recognized clearance platforms, such as 7 Digital, for legal compliance and content quality assurance.

2. Understand your passenger’s interests

Curating compelling content begins with a deep understanding of your audience, a crucial factor that may seem straightforward yet is frequently overlooked. Recommending content with no research and strategy is like tossing a handful of half-cooked spaghetti on the wall and crossing your fingers it sticks. No matter how exceptional you believe the content to be, if you don’t understand your passengers, it will not resonate with them.

To ensure maximum engagement and satisfaction, it is essential to research the unique preferences and interests of your passengers. Anuvu’s audio experts utilize data analytics tools, such as Parrot Analytics, to gain insights into passenger behaviors and preferences to tailor content experiences that mirror the unique preferences of each airline's passenger interests.

3. Celebrate your brand heritage

Embracing your brand's rich heritage is essential for fostering a deeper connection with passengers. By crafting immersive audio experiences that reflect the unique character of your brand, you offer passengers more than just entertainment; you offer them a journey into the heart of your brand's story.

When you dive into topics that align with your brand's history and values, you provide passengers with a profound sense of belonging and attachment to the brand they are flying with. Celebrating milestones, achievements, and cultural influences that define your brand's legacy reinforces its authenticity and creates a memorable experience for passengers.

Anuvu's collaboration with Virgin Atlantic on the "Behind Number 3, Abbey Road" podcast exemplifies this approach. This series blends Virgin's musical legacy with behind-the-scenes insights into Abbey Road Studios, resonating with passengers worldwide. It offers an exclusive glimpse into the intricate processes behind some of the world’s most iconic music and has garnered notable acclaim by securing top-10 rankings in UK music interviews on Apple Podcasts.


4. Create custom/unique experiences

Offering exclusive and customized experiences creates a sense of loyalty among passengers. When they feel valued and understood, they are more likely to remain loyal to your brand and choose it for future travel needs. To revamp your audio content offerings, you can provide tailored audio experiences by collaborating with renowned personalities, artists, and influencers to provide captivating interviews, performances, and behind-the-scenes content that leave a lasting impact.

Demonstrating our creative approach, we produced additional exclusive audio interviews for Virgin Atlantic that explore the global music scene. These interviews feature captivating conversations with notable figures like Fatboy Slim, the chart-topping DJ, shedding new light on his favorite tracks and remarkable achievements. Inspired by the documentary "Fatboy Slim: Right Here Right Now," these interviews provide passengers with a unique glimpse into the artist's world.

These interviews were exclusively introduced to passengers before becoming widely accessible through audio platforms like Spotify . To provide passengers with a comprehensive and immersive listening experience, Virgin implemented QR codes linked to the Spotify app, enabling travelers to easily access the series and enjoy it long after their flight had touched down.


By understanding brand identity, heritage, and passenger interests empowers you to create customized experiences that unlock new opportunities for engagement and differentiation in the competitive airline industry.

We continue to recognize that stories that excite and move people resonate globally. Just as human connection lies at the heart of our approach to films for aviation and maritime clients, it equally informs our collaboration with airlines on their audio content packages to ensure a memorable inflight entertainment experience. 

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