The future of inflight entertainment has landed

Ready for a simpler, smarter and more flexible way to entertain your passengers?

Meet Iris. Your fast track to the best quality content, at a cost you’ll love.

Iris is a solution designed to help you through our current challenging climate – and to revolutionize inflight entertainment forevermore. Who’s in for a smoother journey?

Subscribe to better

Iris is a new, pay-monthly subscription service that brings the best movies and entertainment on-board your airline. Think of it as a sky-high version of the video-on-demand services we all know and love at ground level.

You can tailor it to build your own content mix – choosing from specially curated channels, add-ons and passes. The best bit? Iris cuts costs, but never quality. So that’s happy airlines and happy passengers all round.

What are the benefits

Entertain, effortlessly

Iris makes it simpler to buy, deliver and pay for your inflight entertainment. With our flexible channels, you can select the programming you need and have it wrapped up into one glorious, easy-to-obtain package. So that’s ‘adios’ to admin, ‘ciao’ to lengthy manual processes and ‘bonjour’ to effortless entertainment. It’s IFE, made easier.

Cut your costs

Streamlining the way you chose content will not only save you time, it can save you money. This cost-effective solution comes with clear pricing through fixed monthly costs – so budgets become predictable and payments become easier. Now that’s a solution we can all get onboard with.

Keep quality sky high

Iris is curated by Anuvu – the world leaders of inflight entertainment, with the largest content and service portfolio. So rest assured, your package will be brimming with only the best entertainment, updated for every content cycle. Think Hollywood movies, award-winning TV, next generation featured content... and more.

Make it your own

Pick from our entertainment packages, then customise it to suit you and your region. Want to really step it up? Choose from our competitively-priced add-ons (branded channels, specialised content, multiple studio passes and more) to make it as unique as you want it to be. There’s even the option to include Anuvu's entire product portfolio.

Stay in control

Select from a number of channels and programming to build a package that works for you and your passengers – then have the flexibility to adapt it in changing times. Iris is designed for a better now and a better beyond – to keep you flying in more ways than one.