Anuvu Launches Shore-Based 4G/5G LTE Integration for the Maritime Market

5G-ready cellular service integration provides cost-effective near-shore connectivity across Anuvu’s maritime verticals

MIAMI, FL, October 24, 2022 Anuvu, the leading provider of high-speed connectivity and entertainment solutions for demanding worldwide mobility markets, today announces the launch of 4G/5G LTE integrated data connectivity near shore and at port for all Anuvu maritime verticals including yacht, energy, cruise, and commercial shipping.

Anuvu’s solution integrates competitive, shore-based LTE services for the maritime industry that address several known areas of satellite signal blockage for customers around the world. The service offers cost-effective LTE connectivity and provides higher throughput, while seamlessly integrating low-latency cellular data into on-board SD-WAN infrastructure to complement satellite and terrestrial wireless network services.

“With 5G services being faster and adoption more widespread our new LTE solution allows clients a simple path to tap into a rapidly growing technology,” said Erik Carlsen, SVP, Maritime, Energy & Government at Anuvu. “By expanding and integrating all connectivity pathways, including LTE cellular service, plus enhanced hardware compatibility with the latest 5G signals, Anuvu is focused on helping our IT clients deliver on their companies’ commitments to remote connectivity and an optimum crew experience.”

To alleviate the burden new technology can present for users, the LTE service hardware has been designed to be compatible with the newest, faster 5G LTE options where available. Operations managers interested in elevating their guest and crew connectivity experience can contact to learn more. For additional information, visit

About Anuvu 

Anuvu’s team of global experts effortlessly manage connectivity and content requirements for demanding mobility markets including airlines, cruise lines and mission-critical maritime, energy and government applications. Through long-standing customer relationships, we have a proven track record for meeting our customers’ needs, even as the world changes.

Anuvu’s flexible and agile approach enables us to adopt the newest technology to optimize our clients’ experience and we take pride in maximizing the performance of today, while optimizing for tomorrow. Our goal is to provide our clients with reliable, scalable and affordable solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of their passengers and guests. Through our intelligent leadership and innovation, Anuvu defines next-generation passenger experiences through integrated solutions tailored to our customers’ brands and service objectives.

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