Anuvu Launches Superyacht Streaming TV Solution

Anuvu's streaming TV app on a mobile phone and a tablet

Bringing viewers an offshore streaming experience reminiscent of home

Miami, FL, September 8, 2022Anuvu, the leading provider of high-speed connectivity and entertainment solutions for demanding worldwide mobility markets, today announces a new streaming TV experience for superyacht customers enabling viewers to watch their personal live television subscription around the globe in HD or 4K. The new service is available for clients immediately using any connectivity path such as VSAT or LTE.

Anuvu’s streaming TV solution addresses current shortcomings in offshore streaming options. These  include inconsistent quality when streaming over VSAT networks, limited coastal coverage, and channel availability of traditional TV Receive-Only (TVRO) systems. Anuvu hosts the live television content of the customer’s choice in its secure teleport locations and manages the video encoding, compression and delivery to provide a reliable, high-quality streaming experience everywhere, expanding viewing options that go beyond geofencing restrictions.

“As high-definition streaming becomes increasingly bandwidth-intensive, offshore connectivity must evolve to replicate at-home entertainment experiences. Today’s offshore streaming options fall short, frustrating everyone from guests to crews,” said Erik Carlsen, SVP of Commercial for Maritime, Energy and Government at Anuvu. “Anuvu’s commitment to innovation in media and connectivity has allowed us to create a first-in-class streaming TV solution which enables viewers to watch the personalized content they want with the high-definition quality they expect, anywhere in the world.”

To use the service, crews and guests must have an internet connection and use the Anuvu streaming TV app downloaded on their preferred device, including smart TVs, streaming media players, smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. Anuvu’s streaming TV app is available from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Superyacht customers interested in elevating the crew and guest entertainment experience can contact to learn more. For additional information, please visit our streaming TV site.

About Anuvu   

Anuvu’s team of global experts effortlessly manage connectivity and content requirements for demanding mobility markets including airlines, cruise lines and mission-critical maritime, energy and government applications. Through long-standing customer relationships, we have a proven track record for meeting our customers’ needs, even as the world changes.

Anuvu’s flexible and agile approach enables us to adopt the newest technology to optimize our clients’ experience and we take pride in maximizing the performance of today, while optimizing for tomorrow. Our goal is to provide our clients with reliable, scalable and affordable solutions that meet the ever- changing needs of their passengers and guests. Through our intelligent leadership and innovation, Anuvu defines next-generation passenger experiences through integrated solutions tailored to our customers’ brands and service objectives. 

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