Anuvu launches CyberSecurity product in renewed partnership with Elcome International

Anuvu and Elcome sign four-year agreement to continue serving shipping companies with connectivity and cyber security solutions

Santa Ana, California, July 7, 2021:Anuvu, the leading provider of high-speed connectivity and entertainment solutions for demanding worldwide mobility markets, has signed a four-year contract renewal with Elcome International. Under this agreement, the companies will continue serving maritime customers with connectivity and cyber security solutions that ensure crew welfare and compliance with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) regulations.

Elcome is one of the world’s largest maritime system integration companies with a diversified portfolio of technologies, solutions and services. The company is headquartered in Dubai and maintains 24 offices in 11 countries extending from Europe to Southeast Asia, with more than 500 employees.

Together Anuvu and Elcome are working closely with end customers, including one of the largest LNG tanker companies, to install leading-edge connectivity and Anuvu’s new CyberSecurity product. The CyberSecurity solution offers the option for end customers to purchase their network security compliance directly from their global communication service provider. The solution focuses on operational technology (OT) network segregation and compliant topology with many other features tailored to each individual fleet.

Anuvu’s CyberSecurity product provides maritime customers with benefits such as unified threat management, web filtering, a managed firewall, network antivirus and malware protection, an intrusion prevention system and centralized view and control over the fleet.

Brian Govanlu, Director, Systems Engineering, Maritime, Energy, Government at Anuvu, says: “This renewed partnership with Elcome sees the first deployment of our CyberSecurity solution, which will support maritime customers to comply with the recently updated IMO regulations that, as of January 2021, require all vessels to have cyber security systems in place.

“By innovating with Elcome and their shipping company customers, we have developed an agile solution that enables us to continuously adapt to changes in the maritime industry, whether that’s new security threats or evolving customer requirements. We are proud to now have a standardized product that can protect every vessel in a customer’s fleet.”

Jimmy Grewal, Executive Director of Elcome, says: “The maritime industry is growing increasingly aware of the vulnerability of ships and shore-side IT infrastructure to cyber attacks that can have disastrous consequences. Our strong relationship with the team at Anuvu enables us to offer our customers the most up to date connectivity and cyber security solutions available.

“Anuvu’s commitment to innovation aligns with our own, and working together we can provide maritime businesses with flexible solutions that keep ships fully connected, resilient and safe from cyber threats.”

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