Anuvu Enhances Maestro with Low-Earth Orbit Integration

July 26, 2022

LEO is here today. On June 30, 2022 when the FCC opened Starlink to Maritime operations a true market disruption began. Taking advantage of this new path to connectivity aboard your superyacht is the service Anuvu provides – enter Maestro.

Anuvu’s Maestro is the leading industry platform which allows captains and ETOs to untangle the mess of onboard communication, while bringing security and entertainment to your guests.

Maestro software integrates a yacht’s full suite of connectivity sources—regardless of provider or type—into a single platform to more efficiently manage the onboard network. The Maestro solution can optimize network performance as much as 40% for a better user experience.

Anuvu’s latest version of Maestro includes these four new enhancements.

  1. LEO network integration
  2. Beam switching
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Entertainment

LEO Network Integration
Maestro is ready for the future: Now that the yachting domain has LEO capabilities, so too does Maestro. Today, few topics in the superyacht market command more attention than the arrival of low-earth orbit satellites as a new connectivity option. SpaceX has begun offering its Starlink service for the maritime industry with a low-latency broadband option for superyachts. Our new enhancement of Maestro offers complete integration with Starlink service and will grow to accommodate future players in the LEO market.

Anuvu has incorporated advanced cybersecurity measures from Palo Alto Networks into this newest Maestro version to help protect a yacht’s network. The software can also filter content as set by the system operator.

Maestro also enables Anuvu’s new streaming TV solution for superyachts which enables guests to watch the content they want onboard at a quality they expect including HD and 4K, anywhere in the world; making the yacht feel more like an extension of home.

Beam switching
Maestro now makes beam switching easy, requiring only one click from an ETO to select the best satellite based on the vessel’s location as it travels. This function allows rapid switching from one satellite to another, even from different constellations and service providers which is critical for an optimal guest experience.  

All Anuvu customers receive dedicated support through our 24/7/365 NOC, Concierge Centers and worldwide field support teams.

Anuvu’s Maestro is a single solution that orchestrates every element of onboard communications for the ultimate user experience. An elegant and pristine superyacht deserves no less for its communications. To request a demonstration please contact