Three Ways to Create an Award-Winning Inflight Experience in 2022

February 2, 2022

Airlines have a lot to think about when it comes to entertaining their customers. With budget cuts, changes in consumer content consumption, and a shift in traveler types, it can be difficult to choose content that makes everyone happy.

With the right partner, you can employ a few simple strategies to deliver memorable—even award-winning—inflight entertainment. Anuvu customers dominated this year’s Skytrax Best Airline Inflight Entertainment list, earning five of the top 10 spots and more than any other content provider in the industry.

Anuvu Customers Dominate IFE in 2021

Here are three ways that you too can create an award-winning IFE experience in 2022, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

1. Put the Right Content Mix in Front of Your Audience

To entertain a global and diverse passenger audience, you need global and diverse content. With the right partner, you can have at your fingertips a large library of enticing and unique content within your budget.

In addition to our own licensing, we partner with over 700 global distributors, major studios and independent suppliers to create lineups that cater to customers' needs and can be adjusted for seasonal or demographic changes.

And variety doesn’t equate to high costs. In fact, last year, the global pandemic impacted airline IFE budgets, so we introduced Iris, a monthly subscription for our customers with carefully curated content that simplifies the supply chain and reduces costs, while providing high-quality content.

Anuvu partners with Over 700 distributors to bring the best, current, and local content to IFE.

To stay on top of trends, our global distribution teams attend all the major film festivals, including Cannes, Sundance and Berlin, to ensure we recognize trends, secure international content, and meet the ever-changing preferences of a global audience.

It’s at these festivals that we discover treasures and award winners like 1917, Judy, Minari, Parasite and The Farewell, all cinematic gems waiting to be uncovered. By introducing them to inflight viewers, airlines deliver memorable content, and the films benefit from the attention of a new audience.

2. Create Branded Content that Speaks to Your Customer

What really sets apart award-winning airlines is uniquely produced and curated content based on traveler type, flight duration, region, local events and more. You can create a unique experience that communicates your brand, entertains your customers and drives your business goals. And it's more than video content; specialty content can include everything from your highlight reel to podcasts to music playlists and more.

Curated content can be what sets you apart from the competition and communicates your brand.

For example, Anuvu partnered with Emirates to promote EmiratesRED (Retail Experiences Dubai) to push their new online shopping which allows you to shop before getting onboard. This was a direct tie from IFE to ancillary revenue goals.

For Air New Zealand, Anuvu curates the airline's audio content with custom channels from Kiwi Classics to Relax to Retro, utilizing Spotify to showcase the playlists on- and off-board.

Our audio programming can be curated or created as a way to enhance your onboard entertainment.

Custom content doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be curated with a strategy in mind. Ask about our full media and lab services to create a unique experience for your passengers.

3. Create Efficiencies Through Technology

When technology moves forward, we move with it. We know that the airline industry is a complicated business; but even small advances can make a big difference. It’s why we are dedicated to simplifying and creating efficiencies for your day-to-day.

Open, our unique cloud-based platform that streamlines media preparation and delivery, makes it easier and faster to get content in front of passengers. Open allows us to remove manual processes and keep up with trends such as ultra-high definition 4K, which allows huge files to be transferred with ease. Our client, Cathay Pacific, was the first to launch the crisp content of 4K to the entire cabin, thanks to Open.

Open, our cloud-based platform makes it easy to streamline media delivery including huge files needed for 4k.

In a world where streaming services, handheld devices and always-on entertainment is the trend, we stay on top of technology so you can meet the ever-changing expectations of your travelers.

For more information on how Anuvu can support your content and media service needs, please contact us at