Does IFE Speak to You?

September 16, 2021

Posted By: Anuvu Content Team

A Case for Local Content

Inflight entertainment isn’t one-show-fits-all, so at Anuvu we work with our airlines to match their content with their diverse passengers. After all, on a long-haul flight we all expect to catch up on our favorite movies, or be introduced to new content that matches our interests. But what happens when passengers can’t find content that resonates? Or worse, they literally don’t speak the language of the content on board? It's a wasted opportunity for airlines to offer a memorable experience. We believe airlines should make a lasting impression on every passenger through varied, regional and local content, addressing passenger profiles across cabins, routes and seasons. This means delivering more than the same blockbusters and TV shows that passengers find on every airline. Content must be distinctive and aligned to each brand, so airlines can deliver memorable and relevant inflight entertainment.  

To illustrate what this commitment looks like at altitude, take our recent work with Singapore Airlines (SIA). We teamed up with SIA to source local content as part of the airline’s Singapore Showcase campaign.

For this exciting opportunity, we worked with MediaCorp, Singapore’s largest television network, and acquired a range of Singaporean television series, like Last Madame and Food Empire. Additionally, we connected with independent suppliers to offer exclusive movies such as Tiong Bahru Social Club and numerous short films that have been released throughout the year.

And, to celebrate National Day on August 9, Anuvu and Singapore Airlines together assembled an exciting line-up of Singaporean content for passengers by collaborating with four of Singapore’s most acclaimed directors, Boo Junfeng, Eric Khoo, Jack Neo and Royston Tan. The result: a unique showcase inflight, including titles A Land Imagined, Apprentice, Ah Boys to Men 4, Liang Po Po the Movie, Homerun, I Not Stupid, and 7 Letters. View the video here.

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Additionally, Anuvu gathered a host of local documentaries and television series, along with Singapore-based music and podcasts to further boost inflight entertainment. As a result, local passengers enjoyed their favorite programs, while non-Singaporean fliers could explore Singapore’s rich cultural landscape.

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